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Easter Sunday Trading | An Easter Sunday trading policy for Kāpiti?

So that the community can be part of a decision about whether trading on Easter Sunday should be enabled Council has agreed to draft and consult on an Easter Sunday Trading Policy. A draft policy is being developed that should be ready for consultation in the next few months.


At the Strategy and Planning Committee’s 20 July meeting, councillors agreed to a process to investigate and consult on a local district policy for Easter Sunday trading, which is a new option for local bodies under recent changes to the Shop Trading Hours Act.

  1. If a policy was adopted, Easter Sunday trading would be enabled, and local businesses could make their own decision to open or not on Easter Sunday. This policy would relate only to Easter Sunday trading and not other public holidays over Easter (i.e. Good Friday and Easter Monday).
  2. If a policy is not adopted then the existing rules apply and most businesses cannot trade.  (Certain specified businesses, like dairies and petrol stations, are already able to trade if they wish under the existing legislation.)

Having the debate

This is a topic that Council continues to receive inquiries on from a range of viewpoints in business, churches and the wider community.

Council expects this range of views will be represented through initial engagement and formal consultation. We value the community’s thoughts and contributions to this process.

The consultation process

Planning for consultation is underway and we’ll keep the community updated on this.

Consultation would probably finish in early October with Council hearings later that month.

Want to comment now?

We’ll be able to provide you with firmer consultation dates closer to the time but if you think you’ll be interested in contributing at this initial stage, or would like to go onto the list for updates, please get in touch with us by email EasterSundayTrading@kapiticoast.govt.nz

There are links to further information about the legislation that enables this policy work at the bottom of this page.

If you want to talk to someone at Council with further questions about this process and how you could contribute to consultation, you can contact our Principal Policy Advisor, Sam Hutcheson 04 2964 818.

Media can contact the Communications Team in the first instance.

What could happen after consultation?

If a policy is adopted following the consultation phase this year, Easter Sunday trading could come into effect in 2018. This would allow time for businesses to plan and work with their employees on how they might implement a policy.

  • It would be up to individual businesses as to whether they would open or not.
  • If the business chose to open employees would be able to choose to work on Easter Sunday or not and this would be negotiated between the employer and employee.
    • Employment NZ offers some more detailed advice and tools for employers and employees on the rules around opening or working on Easter Sunday.

Links to other useful information and advice about Easter Sunday Trading

These links may be useful if you are thinking about getting involved in consultation later in the year.

Legislation – Shop Trading Hours Act (law changed 2016)

Q&A on the legislation change (including advice to employers and employees)

Advice from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment