Water rates remissions for large, low-income families

Are you eligible for some help with your water rates?

Each year we offer a water rates remission to provide support to larger families on low incomes who have
high water costs.

We know paying rates is tough for some members of our community. If you're a low-income homeowner or tenant you might be eligible for water rates remission of up to $120. Applications for the 2016/2017 funding round close on 30 June 2017, so now's a good time to get your application in.

Do you:

  • pay water rates as a property owner or tenant and,
  • have more than three dependents (18 years or younger) living at your property
  • receive a Working for Families Tax Credit
  • have total water charges from 1 July 2016 to 30 April 2017 of more than $311.

If you think you’re eligible and you’d like to apply, here’s what you need to do:

  • Pick up a form from your local Council service centre, or we can post one out to you.
  • Fill out the form and bring it into a Council service centre to be processed. You’ll also need to bring a copy of your Working for Families Tax Credit Summary for the tax year that ended 31 March 2017.

If you're going to apply, please make sure you get your application in before 30 June 2017, because applications can't be accepted after this date.  Download the application form.

Frequently asked questions and additional resources

How much will I receive in my water rates remission?  
If your application is successful, you could receive up to $120 per household.

How will I receive the remission?

If you application is successful, the remission will be paid as a credit to your (or if you're a tenant your landlords) water rates account.

How often can I apply for a water rates remission?

You can apply once a year. Applications open in May and close 30 June.

Are there other rates remissions I can apply for and can I apply for more than one?

We've set aside up to $175,000 this year for rates remissions. These are available to low-income earners who are facing financial hardship. For more information, visit our rates remissions page.

Where can I find more information about criteria for all rates remissions?

For a full list of criteria for this remission and further information on all rates remissions, look take a browse at our Long term plan 2015-35, under Financial Stratergy - Rates Remission Policy.

Still have questions?

Visit a Council Service Centre or phone the Rates team on 0800 486 486