Water invoices

Water invoices have a ratepayer's name, address, property location (as a check), legal description and meter number on them.

Lower down is the amount of water your household has used over the last metering period (generally every three months) and the cost of that water, as well as a percentage of the fixed charge for the invoiced period. If the figures for your water consumption don't correspond with the figures on your meter, check the meter number on your invoice is the same as the number on your meter.

The bottom section is to detach and return with payment so Council can credit your account. Or you can pay by automatic payment, internet or telephone banking - go to How to pay your water rates for how to do any of these. 

If you have concerns regarding your invoice e.g. if you think your reading seems too high for the amount of water your household has used or you have a leak, contact us by email or call us on 04 296 4700.

When will Council read your meter?

Proposed water meter reading dates 2016-17

How to pay your water rates