Rates are a charge against a property (rating unit).  Property rates are set by your local and regional councils. For the Kāpiti Coast District, this is Kāpiti Coast District Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Property rates are based on the land value and capital value of the property (as assessed by Quotable Value New Zealand Limited).

Calculating Property Rates

The Council keeps a detailed record of rating information for both Kāpiti Coast District and Wellington Regional Councils.

You can use our Rates Property Information Search to find:

  • property details – valuation number, property address, land area
  • rates details – your account number, current rates, previous rates
  • valuation details – the date rates take effect, land value and capital value.

You can do a rates search on this website, or at any Kāpiti Coast District Council Service Centre. 

Paying your property rates

Property rates are billed in four instalments for the rating year which begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June. You will receive the invoice for each rates instalment about one month before it is due.

To avoid penalties, you must pay each instalment in full by the due date:

  • 6 September 2016 (first instalment)
  • 6 December 2016 (second instalment)
  • 6 March 2017 (third instalment)
  • 6 June 2017 (fourth instalment).

A 10 percent penalty will be added to any amount that remains unpaid after the due date.  View more information about instalment dates here.

Withholding Personal Details

You can withhold your personal details from the public Rating Information Database. To do so, you must complete the Rating Information Database form below:

Rating Information Database form

Change of details

If you have recently changed your postal or email address, send an email to so we can update your details on the rates database. Please include your valuation number and property location.

2016/2017 Rates

Kāpiti residents should receive their first rates instalment for 2016/17 either in the post or by email in the first week of August. This instalment, and the next three notices you’ll receive for 2016/17, keep the rates increase at the level we consult...

Frequently asked questions

Rates help to pay for the costs of services and facilities provided to the Kāpiti community, have a look at what we’re frequently asked.

Property Search

This page provides access to our online rates property search database

Rates Explained - Instalment Details

To avoid penalties, you must pay your instalments in full by the following due dates: 6 September 2016 first instalment due 6 December 2016 second instalment due 6 March 2017 third instalment due 6 June 2017 fourth instalment due How Rates are Billed A...

Rates Rebates

Council actively supports people applying for the government rates rebate scheme and welcomes enquiries for more details about individual eligibility. The scheme is designed to provide a subsidy to low income home owners and the Department of Internal...

Rates Remissions

Remission of Penalties Kāpiti Coast District Council may remit a late payment penalty where it considers that it is fair and equitable to do so, upon receipt of a written application from the ratepayer. Postponement of rates due to extreme financial...

Rating Valuations

Rates are based on a valuation of the property. The Council contracts Quotable Value to perform three yearly property revaluations to reflect changing market values. The valuations are a snapshot of the market as at 1 August in the year of revaluation....

Water Rates

Learn how water rates are calculated, how to read your water invoice and pay for your water charges.

To receive your rates invoices by email, and go in the draw to win a credit of up to $500 on your rates account, click this link now! 

Rates instalments

Each quarterly rates instalment contains an insert.  Copies of these inserts are available below for download or print.

Instalment inserts:

If you require further information please contact us by:

Phone: 04 296 4700 Email: