Water supply

Waikanae Water Treatment Plan with the Waikanae River in the background

Kāpiti Coast District Council is responsible for supplying safe water to approximately 20,000 connections for household and commercial water use in the District.

Our water is sourced from various locations around the district and council is responsible for the management and maintenance of its assets such as treatment plants, reservoirs, pump stations and the reticulation network. 

Watch our video 'Household Water - water use and savings' on YouTube to see how to read your meter and manage water use around your home.

Water projects

We work with our communities to ensure people in the district have reliable access to clean water, now and in the future.

Water supply project

The water supply on the Kāpiti Coast is being secured for future generations.  View information about the water supply project, including the river recharge scheme here.

Water Use

This page contains information about potable water sources and consumption rates, what to do if you have a water leak and water meters.  

Water Conservation

This page includes information on the water retrofit service, water conservation advisor and water conservation tips

Water Education

This page contains information on the water education units for schools and a short film for students about "Our safe drinking water"

Water supplies and treatment

In addition to Council-operated water supplies, there are many hundreds of private bores throughout the district.  View information about the process for installing a private water bore here. Raumati, Paraparaumu and Waikanae water supply The Waikanae...

Forms and Guidelines

All you need to know about water supply application forms, links to council guides, policy documents and a list of water-related online resources.

Annual Water Reports

Annual reporting by Council on the Waikanae River Recharge Scheme is a requirement of resource consents issued by Greater Wellington Regional Council on 7 October 2013. The relevant consents are WGN130103 [33759], [33760] and [33761]. The period of...

Water Supply FAQs

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions relating to the supply of potable water. Water charges | Cross lease properties | Water leaks  | Water meters  | Water Conservation  | New water service | No water | Low water pressure | Supply o...