The Council maintains all roads within the Kāpiti Coast District, except for State Highway One. Other activities include the coordination of road safety, cycleways and community transport initiatives such as school travel planning.


Transmission Gully

NZ Transport Agency Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield announced on Tuesday, 29 July 2014 the signing of a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) contract between the NZ Transport Agency and the Wellington Gateway Partnership for the 27km Transmission Gully project. 

Under the terms of the PPP contract, the Wellington Gateway Partnership will design, construct, finance, operate and maintain the new Transmission Gully motorway for the 25 years that will follow the expected five-year period to build the motorway. It is aimed to have the motorway open for traffic by 2020.

The Transmission Gully project will build a 27-kilometre four-lane (two each direction) motorway from MacKays Crossing and Linden (through Transmission Gully). More information about the project is available on the NZTA website.


Everything you need to know regarding berms in Kāpiti.

Corridor Access Requests (CARs)

Before undertaking work in the legal road you must make a Corridor Access Request (CAR) - (formerly a Road Opening Notice - RON) and receive a Works Access Permit (WAP) from the Council.


Our district is renowned for cycling, walking and horse riding opportunities. Our network of cycleways, walkways and bridleways is currently being reviewed as part of the Town Centres and Connectors Project to improve the way we get around Kāpiti. We are also looking at how we can improve our roads and footpaths.

Fees and Charges

CORRIDOR ACCESS REQUESTS: Before undertaking work in the legal road you must make a Corridor Access Request (CAR) - (formerly a Road Opening Notice - RON) and receive a Works Access Permit (WAP) from the Council.


Footpaths provide safe passage for pedestrians and other users.

Ōtaki Gorge Road closure

Background | Timeline | By the numbers | Media updates | Drone footage of the slip site  | On site pictures Road access to private property and popular recreational facilities within the Tararua Forest Park is now restored after a seven-month closure....

Other roading information

Helpful information on bridge limits, contractor complaints, emergencies, events management (temporary), M2PP Expressway and Transmission Gully, fencing, graffiti, letter boxes (moving of), State Highway 1 issues, and wandering stock


Kāpiti is growing at a rapid rate and this is causing increased pressure on parking in most areas. Parking restrictions are put in place to give everyone a fair go at using car parks so they can shop and/or use facilities in the district. The r...

Raumati Road improvements 2017

R aumati Road is an important road which connects traffic from Paraparaumu Town Centre and State Highway 1 to the Raumati Beach area. Works to address growing traffic volumes and make it easier and safer for people to move through this area started in...

Road closure status

Main through roads within the Kāpiti Coast area |  Kāpiti Coast District roads  | National roads  | Other information Main through roads in the Kāpiti Coast area SH 1 Centennial Highway (Coast Road Open Akatarawa Road Open to all, except for large...

Road safety

We work closely with the community to reduce the number of road accidents in the district. We want to see fewer people killed or injured on our roads and reduce the social cost of damage to people, vehicles and property. We run a number of road safety...

Road stopping

Road stopping is the process of changing the designation of the land from unformed legal road to "fee simple" land so that it can be sold.

Road works

Each year we carry out regular maintenance works to keep our roads around the district in tip-top shape. Well-maintained roads are an important part of keeping people safe. While we aim to do this work with as little disruption as possible, we know tha...

Roading information

Information on bus stops, tar sealing and chip sealing, obstructions, overdimension loads, overweight permits, private roads, road markings, sealing, sumps, sweeping and unsealed road grading


Outdoor seating on the Kāpiti Coast.


Information on who provides signage for Kāpiti Coast.


Information on traffic calming, traffic counts (volume and speed), speeding, speed limits, and visibility.


Trees, overgrown vegetation, and leaf fall.

Weed spraying

Kāpiti Coast District Council undertakes district wide weed spraying three times a year on the road reserve outside residential and rural properties, with a pest plant spraying round once per year.

Working in the road

All contractors and service providers* must comply with the National Code of Practice for Utility Operators Access to Transport Corridors when planning any work that requires excavation or trenching anywhere on a legal road (i.e. boundary fence to...

Traffic Management Plans (TMPs)

There are  events or activities in the road that don't require a Corridor Access Request (CAR) and a Work Access Permit (WAP) but still require a Traffic Management Plan (TMP), this includes: street parades cycle races running or walking events, and an...