Food Stalls

This page includes food safety guidelines for organisers and food vendors at local events, markets & street stalls, along with links to application forms.

Please note: From March 2016 to March 2019 food businesses including food stalls will be transitioning into compliance with the Food Act 2014.  The information below will be updated during that time.  For future information on the Food Act changes click here.

Our Policy - Approval of Food Stalls at Events, Markets and other Sites includes clarification on requirements and regulations: Approval of Food Stalls at Events, Markets and other Sites

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Food stalls at Markets and Participating Markets

Since the policy on Approval of Food Stalls was adopted in August 2010 there have been some changes made to allow unregistered operators to become approved to prepare certain low risk food in the home kitchen for sale at the local market.   

If the market you are managing or attending is not an approved "participating market" the Kāpiti Coast District Council requires all food stall operators at the Market be fully registered with Council, or operate under an approved Risk Management Programme or Food Safety Programme (excludes unprocessed vegetable sales).   For further information on ordinary Market food sales see the Market Link and application form below.  

Markets - Market Organiser Application Form 

Participating Market

Only markets that have been approved to become a participating market can allow "approved operators" to sell food at their market.  Participating market managers must make an application to Council to become approved as a Participating market and make agreements with Council regarding increased surveillance and monitoring of their food vendors at the market and will also agree to work proactively with Council staff on enforcement matters.  At present there is one market who has applied and been approved to become a Participating Market.

If you would like to apply for approval to become a Participating Market Manager please complete the Participating Market - guidance and appliction form and return to the Environmental Health Team.

Participating Market - guidance and application form

Approved Operator

An approved operator is an unregistered food manufacturer who has applied for and been given approval by Council to prepare and package certain low risk foods in the home kitchen for sale at the local market. 

If you want to become an approved operator please ensure you read the Policy: Approval of Food Stalls at Markets Events and Other sites carefully, prior to making application for approval (see the link above).  At present Council has only processed one application for a participating market (Paraparaumu Beach Market).  Unless you have secured a site at that market we will not be processing any applications for approved operators.  If you have secured a site at a participating market then you can download and complete an application form to become an approved operator and submit to the Environmental Health Team. 

Approved Operator application and guidance  

Once the application has been initially assessed and the proposed food vendor has been found to meet the eligability criteria the Environmental Health Officer will visit the home kitchen and undertake an assessment.  The cost of assessment will be charged back to the applicant at a rate of $110 per hour which will include travel and administration time.  The approved operator will need to pay all fees associated with this assessment prior to being issued a certificate of approval and selling any food at a market. 

Please read the policy to find out whether you fit the eligability criteria and for a list of the foods that can be prepared and sold by approved operators. 

An approved operator will only be allowed to sell certain low risk packaged foods at two participating markets in the Kāpiti Coast District, and at any number of events in the district provided they complete a stallholder application form for the event.  Approved operators are not approved to sell their food at any market outside the district or via any other medium (retail outlets, telephone and internet orders etc).  Failure to comply with the conditions of approval is likely to result in the "approved" status being immediately revoked. 

Preparation and cooking of food at a the market site

No one can prepare and cook food at a market unless they are a charitable or community group fundraising by having a sausage sizzle, or they are a mobile food premises registered in the Kāpiti Coast District selling food in accordance with their registration.

Fundraising food stalls (sausage sizzles, cake stalls etc)

Kāpiti Coast District Council recognises the important part fundraising groups play in supporting local and national charities as well as benefiting the local community. 

Fundraising food stalls can operate from street stalls and sports grounds on any number of occasions in any one year provided:

  • the food sold is low risk
  • 100% of the profits are going to the named community or charity group. 

Fundraising food stalls do not need to complete a Food Stallholder Application Form when operating at street stalls and sports grounds, however they may need to gain a booking or permit from the landowner (either the Council or stores like the Warehouse). 

Fundraising groups can operate at events but will need to complete an Events - Food Stallholder Application Form, and may not be limited to selling low risk foods.  For further information see our Council Policy - Approval of Food Stalls at Events, Markets and other sites.  Fundraising groups can also operate at markets provided the types of food sold are in accordance with the policy.

For further information about street stall requirements please view the brochure Fundraising food stalls 

Food Stalls at Events (fairs, festivals, concerts and other one off events)

Kāpiti Coast District Council requires all food stall operators at an Event complete the Events - Food Stallholder Application Form and return to the Event Organiser at least 8 days prior to the event. 

Any person can sell food at an event twice in any one year provided they have completed the  Stallholder Application form and had their proposal approved by an Environmental Health Officer.

Food Safety at Events

Preparing and cooking foods from temporary food stalls with limited facilities has some inherent risks.  Time and temperature abuse, inadequate reheating and cooking practices, poor personal hygiene practices and cross contamination are the biggest risks to food safety. 

Please read the Food Safety at Events brochure for food safety tips, and guidance on how to comply with the conditions of your food stall approval. 

If you have any further questions in relation to food stalls please contact one of our Environmental Health Officers on 04 296 4700.