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Te Wiki o te Reo 2016

To celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - Māori Language Week - 2016 and Shakespeare 400 the library has produced six posters featuring local young people and the words of Shakepeare translated into te reo Māori.

Ruiha though she be but little she is fierce William Shakespeare te reo Maori translation William Shakespeare translated te reo Maori Teenage Boys Te Wiki o te reo Maori Shakespeare 400 Teenage girl bass guitar

Ahakoa tōna iti, he koa totoa tonu.

And though she be but little, she is fierce

Moe hurihuri ai te pane mau karauna.

Uneasylies the head that wears the crown.

 Me he kai o te aroha te puoro, whakatangihia tonutia.

If music be the food of love, play on.

Should I compare thee to a Summers Day? Me he rangi koe no Hine Raumati - Shakespeare 400 translations te reo Maori Love all Trust a few Te Reo Maori boys Shakespeare 400 portraits To thine ownself be true me aro koe ki a koe ano Shakespeare 400 Te reo Maori

Me he rangi koe nō Hine-Raumati?

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Arohatia te nui, whakawhirinakitia te iti...

Love all, trust a few

 Me aro koe ki a koe anō.

To thine ownself be true.

 Reo Rua Storytime

We have a bilingual Storytime - Reo Rua - at Ōtaki Library on the second Tuesday of every month.

Come to the library for stories both in English and Māori. Singing, music, rhymes and fun in both languages. Reo rua storytimes are for tamariki under 5 and are free!

Nau mai, haere mai.Reo rua Reorua Storytime Te Reo Māori events Library Ōtaki kids


Whakataukī o te Marama

Each month a member of the Heritage & Māori Collections team chooses a whakataukī (Māori proverb or saying) for display in the library.

An archive of past whakataukī, can be found here.

whatu ngarongaro he tangatatoitū he whenua

Library Names

Kāpiti Coast District Libraries has Te Reo Māori names for its different branches and collections.

  • Ngā Mātāpuna ā Kūpu – The Source of Words (Kāpiti Coast District Libraries)
  • Te Whare Whakamātau o Paraparaumu – The House of Knowledge (Paraparaumu Library)
  • Te Whare Whakamātau o Waikanae - The House of Knowledge (Waikanae Library)
  • Te Whare Pukapuka – The House of Books (Ōtaki Library)
  • Te Wā Kainga – Home (Heritage & Māori Collections space – Paraparaumu Library)
  • Te Matahīapo – Treasured Possession (Māori Collection – Adult)

Ngā ingoa Māori o Kāpiti – Māori place names of Kāpiti

Kāpiti is an abbreviation of Te Waewae Kapiti o Tara rāua ko Rangitāne, and refers to the historical dividing line between the tribal lands of the Ngāi Tara and Rangitāne peoples. Below are some other local place names and their common translations:

Kāpiti joining (or boundary) place
Paekākāriki hill of the parakeet
Raumati summer
Paraparaumu scraps from an earth oven
Ōtaihanga place made by the tide 
Waikanae mullet waters 
Reikōrangi gate to heaven 
Te Horo the landslide 
Ōtaki place of sticking a staff into the ground 
Tararua two peaks
Horowhenua the great landslide

 If you would like to know more about local place names you may want to read these books from our collection:

The New Zealand Gazetteer of Place Names (the Gazetteer) holds all official names for features within the New Zealand Geographic Board’s coverage. It also has other information, such as Māori place names that have macrons , Māori Pā names, Treaty of Waitangi Settlement names and useful links.

You may also be interested in the legend of Haunui-a-Nanaia an ancestor famous for naming various landmarks and tributaries along the western and southern parts of the North Island, including the rivers from Whanganui to Waikanae.

Te Reo Māori Courses

Kāpiti Coast District Libraries have started offering short Te Reo Māori courses at different branches throughout the year. 

These provide an introduction to Te Reo in a friendly and relaxed setting. Click below to register your interest in future classes.

Below are some local providers offering Māori language courses:

You can also check out these online courses:

  • Māorilanguage.net - Learn basics of Te Reo Maori with freevideo lessons on pronunciation, phrase drills, alphabet, Māori dictionaries, haka, Māori waiata songs.
  • Te Whanake - Māori language learning online series - resources, Māori dictionary, podcasts, animated movies, forums and other online resources and activities.
  • Tōku Reo - a language learning show based on the comprehensive Te Whanake language course created by Professor John Moorfield. The half hour show broadcasts on Māori Television. The website has interactive exercises, podcasts and a forum to reinforce what you’re learning on the tv show.

Te Reo Māori Resources

Te Reo Māori books: Scroll through a full list of our Māori language resources displayed in the gallery at the bottom of this page. Click on the cover image for further details.

Selected Resources from our collection:


Online dictionaries and translators: