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 Concept Fraters Lane

Artist's impression Frater Lane


Plans to upgrade the Waikanae town centre are underway.

The vision for Waikanae is that the town centre has an arts and cultural focus, and will meet the needs of the surrounding community with local services, community and commercial activities. The historic village connection with the Whakarongotai Marae will be reflected in the development of a ‘cultural thread’ walkway through the town centre. Mahara Place will provide a sense of place that people can strongly associate with and feel part of. Improved pedestrian access and better connections to the railway station will make it easier to get around.

Our plans to transform the Waikanae town centre remain flexible and adaptable to commercial opportunities within the town centre. This year we'll be progressing our plans to improve pedestrian connections to and from the transport hub to the town centre.

Waikanae Masterplan

Click here to view the Waikanae Masterplan in larger detail.

Waikanae Masterplan

A Cultural Thread

Te Āti Awa Town Centres Working Group has continued to provide guidance to us on our town centres transformation project. Our discussions have helped inform a programme of works that will embed the cultural identity, history and heritage of Te Āti Awa ki Whakarongotai in the Waikanae area.

Together we are now focusing on the cultural thread project which includes better integrating Waikanae town centre with Whakarongotai Marae . This will involve creating gardens for people to sit and relax, paving and improved street lighting to anchor the Marae to the old SH1 via Frater Lane.

Stage one of this project concentrates on the area that takes you from the Greater Wellington Regional Council car park, past the Marae through to Frater Lane. Further stages of the cultural thread will be undertaken as the upgrades to Mahara Place and connections to the railway station are progressed.

Key elements of this first stage include:

  • upgrading Frater Lane (paving, planting and street lighting)
  • working with local Iwi to see if we can enhance the Marae frontage and fence
  • developing a newly enhanced public space that will feel safer and more pleasant
  • improving the quality of the car parking adjacent to the Marae with safer pedestrian access

The upgrade of the SH1 entrance to Frater Lane will happen separately as part of the NZ Transport Agency's $3 million investment in the town centre to make SH1 a local road.

Designs on the cultural thread project are currently being finalised. We hope to start work in March; work is likely to take six months.

Upgrade to Mahara Place

Concept designs for the upgrade of Mahara place will be progressed through to the detailed design stage mid-year taking on board community consultation and feedback to date. No decisions have been made about the future of the sculpture garden at this stage. 

State Highway 1

The initial focus for transforming the Waikanae town centre will be on making the section of the existing State Highway 1 between Te Moana Road and Ngaio Road a fit-for-purpose local road with improved amenity and east-west pedestrian and cycling connections between the railway station, town centre and
river. This work is likely to be progressed in the next 12 to 18 months.

Click here to view SH1 Revocation information. 

Other initiatives in Waikanae

Check out more about the plans to turn SH1 into a local road and other initiatives for Waikanae Town Centre here.

View the 2015 final concept plans for Waikanae.

We will continue to work with the community as we progress plans.


  • Transforming our town centres will take time and work has been spread over a 14-year programme of activity.