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Coastlands and Rimu Road

Changes to plans for Rimu Road improvements

Update 21 February 2018

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reviewing timeframes, costings and priorities for some of our town centre and related projects. The east/west connector road project (a through road heading west from Ihakara St) has been moved out several years as a result of changing traffic patterns and funding priorities.

So we’ve decided to put a hold on the new traffic lights and pedestrian crossings we had planned at the Rimu Road intersection outside Council buildings.

Instead, over the next few months we’ll focus our available resources on improvements to the existing crossing and landscaping, and revisit traffic lights at a later date.

Upcoming works

The revised improvements will be carried out at the intersection of Rimu Road and Iver Trask Place over the coming months.

We’re planning to set up the works site on 1 March 2018 and start work the week of 5 March.  We hope to have the works wrapped up by the end of June 2018 (providing the weather plays nice!).

On the corner of Rimu Road, Iver Trask and Kapiti Primary School we’ll be paving, landscaping and planting, and we’ll create a bay for buses to pull in and collect passengers, so traffic can flow more smoothly. During this work a small number of council car parks, at the entrance to Iver Trask Place, might be temporarily removed and put back when work’s finished.

Across the road outside Tākiri House and the Coastlands car park work will include:

  • making safety improvements to the existing pedestrian crossing
  • improving the access between the footpath and shops
  • creating a rain garden
  • installing a bike repair stand
  • providing more seating.

As part of the improvements works we'll install ducting on both sides of Rimu Road so we don't have to dig up the road again when we decide to install traffic lights later at the Rimu Road/Iver Trask Place intersection. Ducting work will be carried out at night.

Questions and answers

How will these works affect drivers?
There should be minimal disruption for motorists – it’s possible that there will be some road shoulder closures during the work and we'll keep people updated with site signage and updates through our regular channels like Facebook and Everything Kāpiti.

How will these works affect pedestrians?
There will probably be some footpath closures during work, so please take care crossing between Council buildings and Coastlands. As we progress through the works, we'll keep people updated with site signage and updates through our regular channels like Facebook and Everything Kāpiti.

How does this work fit with other plans for the town centre?
The improvements we’re making over time to the Paraparaumu town centre aim to make it more vibrant, and the primary focus in our District for retail, commercial, cultural and civic activity. As part of this we’re keen to promote Rimu Road as the main street for Paraparaumu, connecting to the civic precinct. Future work in the Rimu Road/civic precinct area will see more retail development from Coastlands along Rimu Road, landscaping and creation of public space along the school boundary with Iver Trask Place and the creation of a destination playground (west of the Library).

How much will it cost?
The works we’re carrying out between March and June will cost approximately $1 million.

Will traffic lights and new crossings happen at a later date?
As priorities and circumstances change within our District, we’ll continue to review all of our town centre and related projects, to make sure they’re fit for purpose and meet our community’s needs. This means that the traffic lights and new crossings are still a possibility in the future, it’s just a case of lining them up with other projects and priorities so the timing’s right.

Retail expansion on Rimu Road

Working together on transforming our town centre

Town centres are at the heart of our communities. We want Paraparaumu town centre to be vibrant, diverse and thriving – a place where people want to spend time and where they can access the services they need safely.

Transforming our town centres will take time and means working together with business, investors and the community. The Council cannot do this on its own.

View from coastlands beyond Takiri Building

Coastlands has built an exciting new two-storey retail space in the carpark adjoining Rimu Road. Known as Tākiri House it will be a bustling hub of retail and café activity helping to link Coastlands to the civic precinct.

The Council and Coastlands continues to work together to share and align ideas for developments that will transform Rimu Road into the main street of Paraparaumu.

Linking with the masterplan

This retail expansion supports the delivery of the Council’s masterplan for transforming Paraparaumu town centre.

Work has been scheduled over a 14-year programme of activity.