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Building Consent - Forms and Checklists

In addition to completing the standard application form for a building consent, you must supply support documentation and specifications relevant to your project.

The application checksheets below detail all the information you must include with your application. The Council will not accept incomplete applications.


All forms and checksheets are available for download or print from the links below.


Residential Application for a Building Consent and/or Project Information Memorandum - Form 256a

Checksheet: Single Residential Dwelling and Accessory Building - Form 333
Includes single stand-alone dwellings, additions and/or alterations, re-piling, garages, decks, gazebos, sheds, retaining walls etc.

Commercial and Complex Residential Application for a Building Consent - Form 256b

Checksheet: Multi Residential, Industrial or Commercial Buildings - Form 337
Includes single stand-along dwellings, additions and/or alterations, re-piling, garages, decks, gazebos, sheds, retaining walls etc.

Application for a Building Consent - Minor Works - Form 443

Checksheet: Minor Works - Form 336
Includes freestanding/inbuilt fires, and minor plumbing and drainage works.

Application for Amendment to Building Consent - Form 265

Application for Certificate of Acceptance - Form 331

Checksheet: Certificate of Acceptance - Form 335 

Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule - Form 330


Application for Code Compliance Certificate - Form 278

Application for Certificate for Public Use - Form 437

Checksheet: Certificate for Public Use - Form 444  

Producer Statements - Plumbing and Drainage

Piped Services and Plumbing Stacks - Form 125

Stormwater Drains - Form 126

Private Sewer Drains - Form 127

Other forms

Water Demand Management Declaration of Compliance Form 164
Complete this form along with Form 256a, 256b or 443 for a new residential or relocated dwelling application.

Application for Special Exemption to the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act

Application for Special Exemption for Portable Spa Pool

Advice of Licensed Building Practitioner(s) - Form 134
Owner must notify names of licensed building practitioners before restricted building work commences

Request to view a building file - Form 122

Checksheets to Assist

Use these checklists to help you complete the Building Consent application forms. They also list the documents you will need to supply to the Council.

Checksheet: Temporary Buildings - Form 334
Includes marquees, stages over 1m in height, grandstand seating etc.

Checksheet: Signs - Form 332

Guides and Policy Documentation

All documents are available for download or print from the links below.

A Guide to Obtaining a Building Consent on the Kāpiti Coast - Form 558

A Guide to the Inspection Process - Form 559

Earthquake Prone Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy 2006