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Reports, reviews and surveys

When required, the Kāpiti Coast District Council undertakes, or is supplied with, reports and surveys on the district and its environment.

Reports | Reviews Surveys 


The reports below vary from reporting on the performance of Kāpiti Coast District Council through to management of the environment.

Annual report

The Annual Report comments on the performance measures for delivering on Council activities contained in the Long Term Plan or the Annual Plan, dependent upon which document was in place for the previous financial year.

Annual Report 2015-16



Summary Annual Report 2015-16



View previous years Annual Report and Summary documents here.

Pre-election report

Amendments to the Local Government Act 2002 introduced a new requirement for the Chief Executive to prepare a Pre-Election Report providing information for the community and prospective candidates to use during the election process.

The Pre-Election Report brings together information previously published in Council's Long Term Plan, Annual Plans, Annual Reports and associated summaries. It provides information to promote public discussion about the issues facing Council and is intended to enable a better informed election debate.

Latest report: 2016 Pre-election Report

Previous report: 2013 Pre-election Report

Other council reports


The reviews below look at the performance of Kāpiti Coast District Council from independent organisations.


The surveys below were commissioned by Kāpiti Coast District Council.

Resident opinion survey

It is important for us to know how residents feel about our performance over a range of services and activities.

The results of our survey are a key part of how we assess our performance at the Council.  Targets are set in many areas through our long term and annual planning process and results form part of our annual report each year.

Independent research company, Key Research, conducts an annual telephone survey for council of a statistically representative sample of over 400 residents to establish levels of satisfaction with a selection of council’s services and activities.  Respondents are also asked to rate those services and activities on how important they are to them.  

Key Research has carried out similar surveys for other local authorities in New Zealand

The survey documents consist of an analysis of the Opinion Survey and a second document containing additional information including the questionnaire, verbatim responses and supplementary data tables.

Summary of results

Our 2016 survey of residents’ opinion shows that overall satisfaction is continuing to improve. 

“This latest survey gives us confidence that we’re heading in the right direction,” Mayor Church says. 

“We’re committed to delivering on what’s important to our community.  It’s heartening to see recognition for improvements in services, but we won’t be getting complacent.” 

Key results from our survey include:

  • 79 per cent of those with an opinion are either satisfied or very satisfied with Council performance and its services and facilities*. This continues to climb from 74 per cent last year and 64 per cent in 2014.
  • A new measure on value for money provided by Council rates and fees shows 75 per cent satisfaction.
  • 72 per cent are happy with how Council staff respond to issues raised, up from 66 per cent last year.  More detailed feedback was sought this year to provide a benchmark as we continue to implement our ‘Open for Business’ philosophy.  These initial results show a relatively high level of satisfaction in areas such as the accessibility and helpfulness of staff, and room for improvement when it comes to our speed of response and taking action.
  • Water quality continues to be important to Kāpiti residents and there’s a significant improvement in satisfaction with our drinking water, up 17 per cent to 68 per cent.  An improvement in satisfaction reflects the commissioning of the new river recharge scheme, which meant no bore water was used in drinking water this past summer.
  • Ease of movement on local roads is challenging in some parts of the district as the Expressway construction continues, and this is reflected in a drop in satisfaction from 67 per cent to 61 per cent.  Comments as part of survey indicate optimism that travelling on local roads will improve once construction work is complete.
  • There are high levels of satisfaction with council services such as libraries, swimming pools and cycleways.  Satisfaction with our cycleways, walkways and bridleways in particular is improved this year.     

*  Our survey uses adjusted satisfaction scores.  This is the percentage of people that are either satisfied or very satisfied as a proportion of those that expressed a clear opinion on the question.  People who responded that they didn’t know or are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied are not included in this measure.  Full details of all responses are in the Resident Satisfaction Survey 2016 document.

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