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Love Food Hate Waste

Fabulous Feijoas. The eagerly anticipated feijoa season is always fast and furious. In May many of us are sick of the sight of them, but then it’s over for the rest of the year. Once you’ve stewed, bottled, frozen and/or made paste or jam you will be left with a mountain of feijoa skins. Don’t throw them in the compost bin just yet – they’re perfect for flavouring cordial. Find out how.

From one meal to the next. Leftovers are an inevitable part of cooking - sometimes we can accidentally cook too much while other times our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. A savvy cook can use the leftovers from one meal as the starting point for the next. This way of cooking not only ensures that any leftover food doesn’t go to waste, but it can also save you time and money. Read more, including a Pumpkin Hummus recipe.

Are you a picky eater? Not necessarily in the food, you like to eat, but more in the way you like your food to look? Despite a few outer imperfections, ‘ugly’ produce is just as nutritionally good as any other regular produce. This healthy and nutritious food is going to waste, purely because of how it looks. Read more, including a Carrot Cake Cookie recipe.

Recipe of the Month: February is a wonderful time of year when gardens are full of produce. If your garden is producing more food than you can eat, don’t let it go to waste. If you have a glut of tomatoes, make the most of them by turning it into this easy pasta sauce which will keep for months, either in preserving jars or in the freezer. Read more

Love Your Christmas Leftovers: With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your Christmas feast. This usually results in an expensive shopping bill, but if you plan your meals well, you might find that your Christmas dinner will keep you going through Boxing Day and beyond. Read more


Creative ways to Love Food Hate Waste:  As a nation, we throw out enough food every year to feed the whole of Dunedin for two years! The Love Food Hate Waste campaign was launched in June. So what have we been up to so far?

Love Food, Hate Waste, Save Money

The average New Zealand family throws away three full shopping trolleys of uneaten food each year, adding up to more than $560 of food going to waste. The Love Food Hate Waste website draws awareness to our behaviours around consuming and throwing out food, with a range of informative solutions and tips. Read more.

Do you have a great tip for avoiding food waste?  Share your tips on the Sustainable Communities Kapiti facebook page and win!

Revealing the quincessentials

The long, mellow autumn has brought a plentiful harvest each Thursday to Transition Town Ōtaki’s community fruit and vegetable stall. Quinces are especially abundant this year but seem to be a mystery to many who come to the stall. Find out the secret to cooking a perfect quince, and more on how the Season Surplus stall operates. Read more

social pantry

Community Kai in Kāpiti: New initiatives in Kāpiti that are finding ways to both reduce food waste and provide food for to those in need. Read more.