Our District

In an emergency, dial 111, for:

  • Police
  • Fire - including Rural Fire
  • Ambulance

Ring this number if lives or property are at risk.

Council Emergency Contact Details:

04 296 4700 or 0800 486 486

Other emergency contact details:

Emergency preparedness

It's easy to get prepared for an emergency!

In an emergency you and your community could be isolated for at least three days, possibly more. The most immediate sources of aid will be your community and the actions you took to prepare before an event.

Get prepared for an emergency

It’s easy to get prepared – follow the steps, download the guides and checklist:

Know how to keep up to date

Get hazard information delivered to your mobile phone:

In an emergency you’ll find up-to-date information on:

Store waterWater storage containers

Along with your week’s supply of food and medication, you’ll need to store enough water for seven days:

Getaway kitsGrab bag

What do you need to take if you have to evacuate your home or workplace with little warning:

Tsunami evacuation zones Tsunami map of district

Know if your home, school or work is in a tsunami zone, and where to evacuate to:

Know where to go

If you need to leave home during or following an emergency, friends and family are often the best place to be. 

Emergency toilet

In a disaster you may not be able to use your normal toilet:

Train and volunteer

Get the skills you need and volunteer to play a role in your community:

Planning with your community

Community-driven response plan sets out a community’s plan for how they will respond to an emergency: