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Māori Economic Development

Māori economic development is important not only for Māori, it is important for New Zealand’s overall economic performance.

Māori Economic Development

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A message from Tāngata Whenua

As tāngata whenua, our migration to this region can be traced to the early 19th Century. Te Rauparaha, one of the leading chiefs of Ngāti Toarangatira, urged the people to migrate to the Kāpiti region in the south, where there was an abundance of land and resources, and greater opportunity to trade with Pākehā. Establishing the wealth and prosperity of our people was as much a priority then as it is today.

Tāngata whenua and The Kāpiti Coast District Council (The Council) collaborated to develop a Māori Economic Development and Well-Being in Kāpiti Strategy.  The strategy was launched in 2013.  Implementation of the strategy is by way of an annual grants funding process. This year, 2016/2017 marks the fifth year of implementation.

What is Māori Economic Development?

Māori economic development is important not only for Māori, it is important for New Zealand’s overall economic performance. In Kāpiti, tāngata whenua are making a strong economic, environmental, social and cultural contribution at a local, regional, national and international level. As iwi settle historic grievances through the Treaty settlement process, we are poised to become powerful leaders in the economic future of the whānau, hapū and iwi groups on this coast.

For Māori, economic wellbeing is inclusive of many features, it:

  •          is individual and whānau/ hapū and iwi based;
  •          links tāngata whenua to the district;
  •          contributes to the wider community;
  •          is inclusive of building opportunities for all Māori;
  •          is holistic ‐ not just about business but including health and wellbeing;
  •          is inclusive and encompasses – land, water, forests, coastal, moana etc;
  •          is inclusive of existing businesses, knowledge transfer and mentorship; and
  •          may provide opportunities to explore partnerships post treaty settlement.

The Strategy can be found here:

 A Strategy for Māori Economic Development and Well-Being in Kāpiti 2013

Applications for Māori Economic Development Funding

Te Whakaminenga o Kāpiti is pleased to announce that applications are being considered now for the Māori Economic Development Grants Fund (Fund).  A total of $60,000 is available for projects that align to the Māori Economic Development Strategy. 

The Fund aims to assist whānau, hapū, iwi, mātāwaka and Māori Business  within the Kāpiti Coast District with costs associated with the ongoing development of Māori Economic Activity, in particular activity associated with:

  • Manaakitangata – leveraging the potential of rangatahi and building whānau capacity,
  • Kaitiakitanga – Whatungarongaro te tangata toi tu te whenua – working with the whenua, and
  • Kotahitanga - supporting whānau to achieve economic wellbeing – capacity, collaboration, innovation and Māori Business.


For further information contact:

Monica Fraser
Iwi Relationships Manager
Kaiwhakahaere Tairangawhenua


Email: twok@kapiticoast.govt.nz or


Download the application form here


Recipients from previous years:

Kāpiti Island Nature Tours – funding has supported the establishment of:

  • Glamping on Kāpiti Island and
  • Honey Hives to market as Kāpiti Island Honey

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  • Māoriland Film Festival seeding funding towards the establishment of the festival.

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  • Kāpiti Tours Ltd funding to develop a business marketing plan

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